The VISPOD™ is a small scale, versatile, 3D Visual Communication pod suitable for point of sale, window and foyer displays, instore events, kiosks, gondola ends, shelf headers, PR and sponsorship events.

VISPOD™  is a licensed product. The sale of the system is subject to our standard terms and conditions of business.


The VISPOD™ is a revolutionary new 3D technology.

The VISPOD™ system can project a high resolution holographic-like 3D image into free space.

Simple video or complex animated CGI can be utilised to a stunning effect.

The VISPOD™ Range

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The HL40 in customised Samsung housing as part of a media campaign for Samsung mobile.

Alt Text


The HL17 being used in customised housing by Crossrail, hidden behind a false wall.

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The HL17 with a simple poster, ICM presentation for Opus Books in Los Angeles.

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The Hl17 hidden behind a false wall and being used in a sports store to sell product.


  • The VISPOD™ housing can be customised to any requirements.


  • VISPOD™ can be remotely updated via the internet.


  • 3D image sequences are easy to produce (AVI files).


  • VISPOD™ can be interactive via AirTouch™ control.


  • The VISPOD™ is super easy to install and maintain.


  • VISPOD™ creates fantastic standout that will engage your customers, will enhance the brand experience and provide the user with a unique, memorable experience.


VISPOD™ is a plug and play system which can be easily updated with new 3D content.

The VISPOD™ uses proven and reliable technology to drive the 3D holographic-like projections. A mini computer using Microsoft Windows Operating Systems is at the heart of the VISPOD™. The computer stores and runs the 3D content (AVI files) via a specially developed “3D player” program.

A high brightness LCD panel is set at the base of the system. The LCD panels displays the 3D content (movies). The 3D content is reflected by a Pepper’s Ghost Mirror angled at 45 degrees, placed at the front of the system onto a specially designed concave glass optic. This special optic projects and focusses the 3D content out of the system via the Pepper’s Ghost Mirror and into the free space in front of the VISPOD™ unit.


Flight case for the VISPOD™ HL17 and gyro wireless mouse. A wooden crate is required for delivery, or a flight case can be used for the HL17.

It is possible to supply up to six VISPOD™ HL17’s in one crate.

A quote for the flight case, crate and gyro mouse is available upon request.

A range of speakers can be plugged into the VISPOD™ if audio is also required with your 3D projections.

Don’t forget, we can also discuss and create your projection and audio ideas with you too!