Trained and professional film crews are hard to put together. We offer elements of the best that there is in filming and film production. We have access to some of the best in visual development, and a trained creative team that has been trained by and worked within many of the major movie studios.

Our studio is an impressive 1,300 sq. ft. and fully sound-proofed, with an infinity cove and permanent green screen, located in Giltbrook, Nottingham. The two-wall green screen can also be used in conjunction with a green floor panel for full length shooting. Height to the broadcast lighting grid is 19 ft. and the six space lights have 14 available positions that  are easily interchangeable on the grid.

We accommodate for ground floor drive in access with headroom of 9 ft. for delivery of equipment, props, products, sets or anything that might be needed within the studio. Studio hire includes a studio assistant as part of the package.

We’ll provide you with lighting and the usual collection of studio accessories such as trace frames, poly boards, gels and the ubiquitous gaffer tape.

The package includes use of a green room and kitchen, two make-up and wardrobe rooms, scene dock, drive in access and ample free parking. Production offices are available for hire and we offer a range of ancillary services such as set building, crewing, equipment hire, make-up and other production support services.

From the storyboarding through to the on-set directing of the talent, Pummie Productions prides itself in having a directorial team that has worked across the board from movies and music videos to advertising and video production.


Storyboarding can be provided to create a better understanding of the process of filming for the client and is an essential directing tool for the film production. We have a creative team that is experienced in all forms of storyboarding including animation (including animatics), live action for feature film, live action for music video , documentary, and many more.