Pummie Productions is a Web Based Solution to all of your multi media and live entertainment needs we are a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals, who individually have decades of experience in the international visual, audio entertainment advertising and interactive mediums.

Our central and unique creative team, is made up of the best and most experienced individuals in their fields working together to redefine the way that your product or service is viewed.

Think about that. The best in the industry working together to create and implement media content that defines the reality that until now you have only imagined possible.

From live events involving choreography, pyrotechnics & visual enhancements such as 3D holographics through to 3D Imagineering, Computer Generated content, filming and film production, pre and post production, storyboards and direction, audio recording, production and enhancement, event management, motion capture, interactive, and augmented reality.

We have top industry professionals at hand to implement their skills towards creating the very best there is to offer.

From initial inception to delivery, we insist on a very hands on service so we can deliver the very best.

We are only as good as we are because we only work with the most professional of expertise. Because in the end, content is king…